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*DOOMSTEAD 101: the classic beginner's show is BACK!.... with less hype and

more big blades!


*PREP SCHOOL host 'Big Bill' Turdmaple interviews experts on everything from bug-out bags 'n' ever-day-carry(sic)  to spark-gap generators and do-it-yourself gunpowder.  BT's classic show on deep pantry management is also available--a doomer channel exclusive.  Water, energy, canning, zombies,  straight razor shaving, emmer, photovoltaics, graywater, AC inverters--all this and a bag of reloads with Big Bull Turdmaple. 

*BANNED WORDS and THOUGHTS: All varieties of infoganda designed to manipulate, constrain, and confuse are discussed in this popular forum.  Recent concerns have highlighted "homes,"  "jobs," "consumers," and "the economy" along with 'meta-issues' like ritual purification, uniformity, and a certain creeping historical  uncertainty. 

*GADGET BASHING, a podcast Tuesdays at 0600Z with Sledgehammer Slim and imaginative guests. Reminder: Get your video in NOW for the Blackberry Blackpowder Blowaway Screen UnSaver Fall Gala.

*Hone your primitive skills and refine a mature and responsible ecologic footprint with:


This week, check out  Irish Vern Keebler's interview with ENCLAVES founder Mandolay Mike as they trek to  three villages in ENCLAVES 20,000 acre Neolithic Lifeways North American Site. There, they give flu shots over the good-natured, affectedly monosyllabic objections of  modern day survivalists who spend anywhere from 2 weeks to 20+ years living almost exclusively with the technologies of Mesopotamia c.8000 BC.   Frequent how-to segments cover locating and using chert, obsidian, basalt, and MORE. 

* PREDICTIONS brings you top punditry's ideas of what's coming soon to a lifetime near you.  Our lastest show covers changes in  infant naming trends during times of social stress.  With Magellandwayne Farfegnuugen.



OTHER Doomer channel contributors include a veritable "who's on first?" roster of contemporary doom:

DUPE THE SHEEPLE: is he one of the sheeple himself, a duper-of-sheeple, or both? Find out in his next installment of his popular  BeatTheSuckersAndRun column/show/podcast/cultural product. 

SHERLOCK HYDE's misanthropic, logic-first  approach to problems sent in by readers makes this doomer advice columnist vital for just as long as the power stays on and the servers aren't confiscated or corrupted by YOU_KNOW_WHO!! (hint: it ain't Dr. Jeckyll or @#!!*in' Watson!).   


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Finally, our featured sponsor right now is ENCLAVES, a series of 20,000 acre sites  around the world owned by a private consortium.  If selected for residency or fellowship, participants will spend anywhere from 2 weeks to 20+ years in skill-building and keepin' her done.  Or real.  Or something.